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Creating a Budget and keeping a Positive Mind-Set

Creating a budget plan for your money each month doesn’t need to be boring. It can actually be the catalyst towards fulfilling your bigger dreams.
Are you saving for a holiday? A home improvement? Or paying off debt?

Budgeting your incoming funds each month can be an effective way to help with these goals. Knowing that your essential needs are taken care off (ie: bills, expenses) feels very reassuring in itself and this ensures that you’re in the ideal relaxed frame of mind for manifesting.

Here are some easy and effective strategies you can implement today to get started with budgeting:

1- List all your current regular financial outgoings, whether that’s on paper or on a spreadsheet whichever you prefer.
Scrutinise your list and ask yourself:
Is there anything on there you can reduce or find a discount on by engaging with the provider?
Are there any subscriptions you no longer use? Or any that don’t bring you any joy? A good example of this could be a gym membership that’s gathering dust….

2- If you’re wondering where all your money disappears to each month, try keeping a spending diary to see if you can spot any patterns.
Those small habits of purchasing a daily take out coffee or lunch soon add up. But making your own coffee or lunch at home and taking these into work could save you a decent chunk of money over the space of a year.

3- If you’re prioritising paying off debt, ensure you budget for paying off the minimum amounts required on a credit card/loan as these will be charging high rates of interest. Check out this resource for further advice.
If debt is becoming a major issue, please don’t suffer in silence and make sure you seek help.

4- Create a savings goal for something exciting, such as a wedding or a holiday. These fun printables can be great tools to help spur you on as a useful visual aid and filling/colouring in each target you reach can feel very satisfying!

5- Have you ever tried using a Savings app? These work by automatically transferring an agreed amount of funds to a savings pot for you on a regular basis. The idea behind them is by saving small amounts incrementally you hardly miss them leaving your account, and build up a decent amount of savings! These help me successfully build up a decent savings pot for Christmas time so I would highly recommend them. More information regarding these and the best apps to try can be found here. 

6- Throughout all of this, be aware of your mind-set. Regularly expressing gratitude for the money you do have coming in can help you feel more positive, therefore attracting more of the same into your life, in this case, abundance! You may even find that money making opportunities land in your lap, ensuring that you reach your goal even quicker.
Utilise all the Law of Attraction tools that you can, by popping pictures of your goal on your vision board, repeating positive affirmations and visualising your success.

And finally, when you do reach your savings goal…..make sure you celebrate!

Do you keep a regular monthly budget and does it work well for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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