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How to Make the Most of a Small Room in your Home

Although we all want more space, sometimes that’s impossible with what we’re working with.  If you fell in love with your home, except for the size of one room, it’s okay!  You don’t have to start looking for other St. Albert real estate.  Instead, here are some ways to maximize your use of that room. 

Create A Hobby-Specific Room

One of the best things to do with an extremely small room is to create a space that allows you to indulge in your hobbies or interests, such as the Law of Attraction.  This means including a small workstation giving yourself storage for your amusement, and inspiring yourself with vision boards on the walls. 

Although this may feel wasteful to some people, there’s utility in embracing your creativity.  Indulging in a hobby ensures you release stress and worry from your daily life and gives you the invention needed to be innovative at work and in relationships.

Make A Convertible Office Space

Do you work from home?  If so, you may feel uncomfortable with making an entire room into an office, but a smaller space can make it harder to feel comfortable climbing around a bed to work every day.  Instead, consider putting in a convertible furniture piece, like a convertible couch or even a Murphy bed, and allow your office to be the occasional guest room when the need arises.  This will enable the room to have multiple functions without packing the room to the brim.

Create An Exterior Bedroom Closet

Closet space is a must these days, with most house hunters claiming they’re looking for a walk-in.  Unfortunately, not every house has this much closet space available. So if you have a massive wardrobe and a tiny room that needs utility, make it into a dressing room!  To do this, you need some clothes racks that are stylish enough that you won’t mind them in the open, a handful of full-length mirrors, and a small vanity for makeup or sitting.  Together these items can make the dressing room of anyone’s dreams. Remember to check out our article on how to use your clothes as a manifesting tool!

Consider Making it a Small Media Room.

Media rooms have become redundant for some people, with how large and crisp most home televisions are, but you can still make a little movie magic for your home!  To do this, paint one of the walls without windows in this small room completely white, and put black-out curtains over the windows.  Invest in some extraordinarily comfortable seating, and install a ceiling-hung projector which allows for minimal space usage. We also have some useful Law of Attraction Resource ideas if you’re in need of some movie/reading inspiration.    

Check if Adding On is Worth It

Building an addition onto your home can be the right call if the shape of your home, and the cost, allow for it. For example, this could be extending a room into a larger space, which then could become a master suite or could be used for a larger bedroom or office.  Although this doesn’t work for every house, it’s a fantastic option to consider if you want a larger room without having to relocate homes!

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