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Law of Attraction & Scripting

What is Scripting?
Scripting is the process of writing out your desire in great detail, as if it’s already happened. So effectively you’re writing in the present/past tense.

An example of this would be something like:

I am so happy and grateful now that I have manifested an amazing new job! My salary has doubled, I receive lots of great work benefits and I’m working in a sector I’m so passionate about…I feel so lucky!

Why is scripting so powerful?
When you’re writing about your desire from the perspective of it having already happened, you’ll start to also feel the emotions of it, eg: excitement, happiness and joy.

It is suggested that your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between an imagined event vs a real one.

So, when you’re scripting and visualising your goal whilst feeling really excited and great about it, the Law of Attraction gets to work on manifesting that very desire.

It’s important to always write your script in the present/past tense as if the event has already happened or is happening right now and you’re experiencing it.

Remember to use plenty of emotive words because this will help generate the feelings of excitement and anticipation as you’re writing.

How much should I write?
Your script doesn’t have to be pages long, a sheet of A5 paper containing a couple of generous paragraphs would be plenty. The important thing is that you feel good when writing it.

Should I script every day?
It’s entirely up to you! If you find that you’re enjoying writing about your goals, write a page each day about how it feels to have finally achieved what you want.

What should I script about?
Anything you like! Here are a few ideas:

Career-Describe your fabulous new job, what does your work environment look like? What hours do you work? How amazing are your colleagues?

Money-What amounts have you manifested recently? How are you spending and enjoying your abundance every day? How does it feel to treat yourself on a regular basis?

Love-Write in great detail about your new relationship, what is the best thing about your new partner? What fun dates have you been on?

Home-Describe your brand-new house, what does it look like? How many rooms does it have? How does it make you feel to open the front door and walk inside? (You could also apply this to something like a new car etc)

I’ve scripted numerous times about what I want……so where is it?!
If you’ve reached this point, and are starting to feel impatient and frustrated…..stop scripting about it for now.

We would suggest scripting a page a day about your manifestation for 5-7 days and then put your script pages away somewhere out of sight, so you’re not reminded of them constantly.

It’s really important to be able to let go of your desire and allow the Universe to do its work.

Following that, you could always start a new script about a different manifestation!

This can be such an enjoyable Law of Attraction practice to do, especially when you feel like you’re already “living,” your dream, which is the idea behind this exercise!

Have you ever tried scripting? What results did you have? Let us know in the comments!

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