Introduction to Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

In simple terms, Law of Attraction means “like attracts like,” so whatever you focus on in your life, you’ll attract more of the same. Everything is energy, including your thoughts and feelings.

Law of Attraction (LOA) became very popular after the release of the movie, “The Secret,” in 2006 and this is based on Law of Attraction teachings.  It features many famous speakers and authors, all of whom describe the various ways Law of Attraction has played a part in their lives.

So, when you are feeling happy, excited and enthusiastic, you are giving out positive energy and the Universe will respond in kind, by providing you with more of the same feelings.

However, negative energy is produced when you’re feeling emotions such as sadness, frustration or anger, so by energetic law you manifest more of these same feelings into your life.

Now this is nothing to panic about, if anything you simply become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. This gives you the perfect opportunity to flip a negative thought to a positive one and there are multiple ways you can do this, which we will talk about in future blog posts.

You can also influence the law of attraction by feeling or what people call, “vibrating,” those positive emotions any time you want, especially if you want to “attract,” a certain positive circumstance or thing in particular. People call this manifesting.

The Universe doesn’t have any favourites, it is always responding to the energy you give out, good or bad.

The simple formula for manifesting what you want with the Law of Attraction is as follows:

Ask the Universe for what you want.
Imagine what it would FEEL like to receive it
Let it go and be open for it to manifest

Depending on your desire, following these steps can be easier said than done but the idea behind this blog is to share with you all plenty of tricks and tips to make this easy.

Happy Manifesting!

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